A world in which everyone has food, good health, education and biogas


Promoting smart farming, inclusive education, maternal health and home biogas


Program Areas

Civicom Aid promotes smart farming, maternal health, inclusive education and home biogas in dryland and rural areas of low-income countries

Smart Farming

We empower small-scale farmers with skills and water resources they meed to grow crops for food and sell the surplus for money 

Maternal Health

MALARIA CONTROL. We buy and distrbute mosquito treated nets 

HEALTH WORKERS. We trainin extension health workers

WOMEN EMPOERMENT. We empower women so that they can be safe during pregnancy, childbirth, and after childbirth

Inclusive Education

We assist girls and needy children access all levels of education

Home Biogas

We empower people with skills to produce and use biogas while conserving the environment