Our Story

Vision: Civicom.org envisions a world where everyone has universal access to essential pillars of life, including food, healthcare, education, and sustainable energy through biogas solutions. Our vision is rooted in the belief that these fundamental elements are not privileges but universal rights that should be accessible to all, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds.

 At Civicom.org, our mission is to better lives by strategically improving farming practices, enhancing healthcare accessibility, fostering education, and promoting the widespread adoption of biogas technology. Through targeted initiatives and collaborative efforts, we strive to empower communities, creating sustainable solutions that uplift individuals and propel societies towards prosperity.

  1. Excellence in Specialization:

    • "It is best to do one thing really, really well." We believe in dedicating our expertise to excel in each aspect of our mission, ensuring the highest quality outcomes in farming, healthcare, education, and biogas initiatives.
  2. Continuous Improvement:

    • "Good is not enough if better is there." We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement, challenging the status quo to consistently enhance our programs and impact. Excellence is not a destination but a journey of perpetual betterment.
  3. Long-Term Focus:

    • "Focus on long term impact." We recognize the enduring impact of our work and prioritize sustainable, long-term solutions. Our commitment extends beyond immediate results to create lasting benefits for the communities we serve.
  4. Innovation and Adaptability:

    • "What got you here won't get you there - keep looking for better methods." Embracing innovation and adaptability, we remain agile in our approach, continually seeking more effective methods to address evolving challenges and contribute to positive change.Civicom.org is driven by these values, underpinning our commitment to make a meaningful, enduring difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the globe.

How we started

In 2018, during a pivotal journey to Makueni County, Kenya, Jonathan Munyany encountered a stark reality. While touring the vast and flourishing properties of a wealthy businessman seeking help exporting meat to the Middle East, Jonathan observed a profound contrast. Amidst the prosperity of ranches, he couldn’t ignore the persistent poverty and destitution in the villages.

The absence of young adults, the vital force for community development, struck Jonathan deeply. Inquiring about their whereabouts, he discovered that many had left for towns and cities in search of jobs and reliable access to food and water. However, these urban areas offered little in terms of quality living conditions, with workers from villages residing in makeshift slums.

Jonathan’s exploration revealed young men in the villages grappling with substance abuse and limited hope for the future. Disturbingly, some planned to marry young girls due to the scarcity of women their age. Motivated by these dire conditions, Jonathan delved into the issue further, visiting Nairobi to understand why young people felt compelled to leave their homes

Their response was poignant: “In our villages, there is no water, no resources, no food.” Women and children traveled long distances to fetch water, and people in drylands struggled for every meal. The critical realization emerged—water was the key. Determined to make a difference, Jonathan initiated a multifaceted approach.

Starting with building water access in villages, he extended efforts to farming projects for food security, fostering prosperity. The next steps involved enhancing education and health to empower these marginalized communities. Through these initiatives, rural areas, drylands, and slums could break free from a century-long cycle of devastation and abandonment. Jonathan’s journey illuminated a path towards transformation, driven by the fundamental belief that water could be the catalyst for positive change.

Our main focus

  1. All resources and energy goes to improve people's life

Sustainable Farming

We establish Farmer Water Points, Field Schools, and Climate Adaptation to empower family farming. These initiatives facilitate year-round crop cultivation, using harvests to combat hunger, malnutrition, enhance food security, create jobs, and mitigate climate change in villages.

Health Care

We’re implementing Maternal Health Care from preconception to postpartum, Fistula Care, and our Zero Malaria Drive focuses on malaria prevention for maternal well-being. These ongoing efforts are reducing child and maternal mortality rates in the villages.

Inclusive Education

We aid underprivileged learners like these by building schools, creating Pathway Schools, providing the Education Reentry Fund, and initiating School Water Points. These efforts directly promote education in areas where schools are missing or lack proper classrooms and toilets.

Home Biogas

We’re transforming waste into biogas for cooking, heating, and lighting in remote arid pastoralist areas. This project engages pastoralist communities to promote clean energy, enhance health, and address climate change in their villages.

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