Civicom Children In Need

Together we can change young lives. The pandemic has been hard on us all, but for young people across Africa already facing challenges, it's made life even more difficult. With your support, we can be on the ground helping to reach even more young people in rural, arid, and semi-arid lands.  

Education is a transformational driver of development and enables all individuals to acquire skills  needed to be productive members of society and achieving sustainable and measurable improvements 

When children and youths go to  school, learn, they gain the skills they  need for life, work and build more hopeful and prosperous future for themselves, their families, communities and countries.

Scholarships for people with disabilities

We give scholarships to students living disabilities and marginalized by their communities to complete schooling 

Scholarships for girls

We give scholarships to academically gifted and marginalized girls who lack financial support to complete schooling.

Scholarships for boys

We give scholarships to academically gifted and marginalized boys who lack finacial support to complete schooling

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