Sustainable Farming

Civicom Aid focuses on eliminating the barriers that hinder dryland and rural family farmers from addressing food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in their own homes.

Farmer Water Points

Civicom Aid helps family farmers overcome the barrier of water scarcity by establishing water points. This allows year-round crop cultivation in dryland and rural regions, improving food production and selling surplus for profit.

Convincing pastoralists to grow crops

Farmer Field Schools

Civicom Aid trains family farmers in sustainable farming, enabling them to overcome farming inexperience and cultivate crops, manage water, pests, and diseases in dryland and rural regions, improving their food and profit yields.

Farmer Climate Adaptation

Informed farmers showcase their awareness of the importance of trees on our planet. Their goal is to plant and nurture at least 5 million climate-resistant and carbon-offsetting trees by inter cropping, reforestation, and afforestation efforts.

The purpose of farmer water points.


Water Points empower family farmers to grow crops for food and profit, and utilize the harvest to combat hunger, malnutrition, and poverty within their homes.

The solar panels generate electricity for lighting, allowing students without access to electricity to study and do homework, without relying on moonlight

The water points provide water that farmers utilize for watering trees, thereby aiding in their efforts to combat climate change and improve the environment.

In rural and dryland areas, women often travel long distances to collect water for their homes. Despite challenges, they exhibit remarkable resilience. Civicom Aid utilizes farmer water points to provide water for these families.

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