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Civicom provides farmers with the essential skills and knowledge required to produce home biogas. This includes comprehensive instruction on constructing and maintaining biogas digesters, selecting and preparing appropriate raw materials for anaerobic digestion, and safely storing and utilizing biogas for cooking, lighting, and other purposes.

Furthermore, Civicom offers financial assistance for construction materials, or valuable training on how to use locally available construction materials. This empowers farmers to obtain the necessary resources to build their own biogas digesters, thereby promoting self-reliance in producing home biogas.

Through these efforts, farmers are reducing reliance on firewood fuel, promoting sustainable agriculture, controlling deforestation, mitigating the impact of climate change, and enabling girls to attend school instead of collecting firewood. By empowering farmers with these skills and knowledge, Civicom is contributing to the economic and social development of rural communities while conserving environment.

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Home biogas plant

Marginalized families have no access to clean energy

According to the World Bank, more than 75% of the Kenyan population does not have access to electricity. This is due to the high cost of fuels such as kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which are beyond the reach of many people living in rural, dryland, and slum areas.

In addition to the lack of access to electricity, the use of traditional fuels like firewood and charcoal for cooking and heating in these areas has led to serious health problems such as eye and lung complications. Furthermore, the extensive use of firewood and charcoal contributes to deforestation and climate change.

To address these issues, the home biogas project has been introduced as an alternative source of clean energy. This project involves the construction of biogas plants in households, which use organic waste such as animal dung, kitchen waste, and agricultural residues to produce biogas.

The use of biogas not only provides a clean source of energy but also reduces the reliance on traditional fuels and helps to prevent deforestation and its associated environmental problems. Additionally, the project empowers people with the knowledge and skills they need to generate and use biogas and maintain biogas plants in their households.

The home biogas project is an innovative solution to the energy crisis faced by many Kenyans. It not only provides a clean source of energy but also promotes sustainable living and protects the environment while empowering people with the necessary skills to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Moreover, the home biogas project prevents forest depletion and climate change, promotes clean energy and prevents eye and lung complications caused by smoke from firewood. 

We empower people with skills and knowledge they need to generate and use biogas, and maintain biogas plants.

Tree planting

Civicom Aid engages local community members in planting and taking care of trees. Together we conduct site assessments to ensure that the locations within farmland are suitable for tree planting, raise awareness about the importance of tree planting for mitigating climate change, hold workshops and public events to educate community members about the benefits of trees, provide information on how to care for newly planted trees, offer ongoing support and monitoring for newly planted trees, establish volunteer groups for tree care, and collaborate with other stakeholders such as local businesses and governments to create a supportive environment for tree planting initiatives.

Our goal is to plant at least one million trees in drylands, rural areas, and slums. However, we cannot achieve this goal alone. We require funds to purchase and distribute seedlings, volunteers to assist with their training and distribution, and financing for training workshops. Moreover, individuals or companies can donate seedlings to support our cause.

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Tree planting
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