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Both corporate and individual fundraisers have the power to make a significant impact by actively participating in fundraising campaigns dedicated to raising funds for Civicom causes. By lending your support, you can contribute to our mission and help us make a positive difference. Here are a few ways you can assist us in our endeavors.

Fund raise for Farmer Water Points

Your fundraising for the Sustainable Farming program will directly support the training of groups of family farmers, the establishment of water points for farmers, and the connection of these farmers to local and external consumer markets. The program aims to enable family farmers to cultivate crops for both food and profit. These crops will enable them to combat hunger and malnutrition, increase food security, create one million jobs, and reduce poverty. Additionally, they will intercrop trees to combat climate change and introduce natural enemies of pests and diseases to enhance soil quality. For more details contact us at email:

Fund raise for Zero Malaria Drive

Your fundraiser supports the zero malaria drive. Women, accompanied by a birth attendant, distribute mosquito nets, repellents, killers, and sensors, and also map and destroy breeding sites. The women groups learn mother and child health, malaria prevention methods, and entrepreneurship. The program aims to decrease malaria rates, reduce maternal and child mortality, and enhance women’s employment opportunities. For more information, contact us at Email:

Fund raise for Inclusive Education program

Please support the Inclusive Education program, which assists children excluded from school and aims to establish youth hubs and schools in underserved areas. The program focuses on constructing classrooms and toilets in existing schools or building new ones in areas where the nearest school is 30 km away, thus ensuring universal access to education. Its primary objective is to reintegrate out-of-school students, prevent dropouts, and promote education by paying tuition fees and developing necessary infrastructure. Additionally, the program fosters opportunities for youth entrepreneurship and employment. Contact us us at email:

Fund raise for Home Biogas program

Your generous support for the Home Biogas program will assist pastoralist families in turning waste into biogas energy, fostering hope and providing access to demonstration sites. We achieve this by setting up demo sites to provide experiential learning and funding the construction of biodigesters for families who cannot afford them without our assistance. The objective is to reduce eye and lung complications caused by wood fuels, enabling girls to attend school instead of collecting firewood, conserving forests, and mitigating the impact of climate change.You can reach out through email:

As a corporate or individual fundraiser, you can play a crucial role in raising funds for Civicom Aid causes and making a positive impact on people's lives. Here are a few effective fundraising methods you can utilize. If you have any other creative strategies, feel free to use them.

Leave a gift in your will

Consider leaving a meaningful gift in your will by donating a portion of your assets to support a charitable cause beyond your lifetime.Please don't hesitate to email us at

Launch a crowdfunding page

Create your unique crowdfunding page, gather contributions from a diverse crowd of online backers, and bring joy and hope to those in need. We're here to assist you; contact us at

Fundraise in your school

School fundraising helps address community poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and maternal/child mortality rates while teaching students teamwork, responsibility, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. Feel free to contact us.

Social Fundraising

Help us broaden our reach by asking your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers to contribute donations. Together, we can make a difference. For more details, contact us.

A Charity Shop

You can make a difference by setting up a charity shop where individuals can generously donate their unwanted or unused items. These donated items will be sold to raise funds for our causes. Reach out to us.

Grant writer

We are seeking your support in preparing rant proposals, with the aim of securing funding from agencies, foundations, corporations, and other grant-making entities. Contact us.

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